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9 Actual Real Estate Owned Foreclosures listings on the current Santa Clarita market for sale.Santa Clarita real estate and foreclosure agents

6 REO listings are in pending status – more info: See what Pending means

6 REO listings are in backup status – more info: See what backup means

That’s it – that is all of the bank owned foreclosure inventory in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.

However, don’t be sad, this indicates that we are getting back to a healthy economy in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.

Back in 2009 – the majority of the real estate market were foreclosures. Back then, it was about developing an expertise as a realtor keeping up with bank requirements, massaging the “asset manager” gears, and working hard for our Foreclosure Buyers.

Today, the hard work still exists, however, the banks have slowed down. We monitor the foreclosure and bank owned market and will continue to do so, even when the numbers get to less than 5 :)

Some did not want to sell their home short. They were waiting until the market recovered fully, so they would be able to off load their real estate listing at a break even, or with very little out of pocket.

Due to our local Santa Clarita Valley and many real estate markets leveling off, it’s created concern and we are seeing an upswing in Short Sale listings, with our Short Sale team and with others in our SCV and SFV Cities.

Make sure you look at the new foreclosure inventory for the Santa Clarita Valley cities.

The link preceeding this text will show you everything that is currently REO/Foreclosure and for sale in the SCV Cities.

Also – Make sure you check out our Foreclosure Radar Resource. Here is it below:


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There are a lot of hooks and various lead generation systems online that agents are paying for. These are by way of some of the large real estate syndication real estate websites. (I said real estate close in quick succession for a reason :) )

They are a force to be reckoned with and something that you should know about before giving up any of your personal or private information.

Santa Clarita Foreclosure SearchReason 1 – You don’t know how many agents are given your personal and private information. Even asking an innocent question like, “Is this home for sale now?”, can get you in a problem.

Reason 2 – You don’t know how much your personal and private is worth to re-purpose and re-sell. That may sound strange, but there are sites that will pay for your information after it has already been sold once.

What about search habits, and what you are looking for?  It’s like the internet having a folder that has all of your habits inside it, at least those related to search habits and online systems.

The data is obtained by you doing a simple search online with a site you have to register for. Then, like magic, you start seeing results, searches and getting mail, text messages, email and phone calls about those things you were searching about.

What you don’t want is to have happen is to have your personal and private information sold to so many parties you are having to change your email and phone number.

It goes on and on. Find us, if you don’t have anyone, contact us, and inquire with our real estate systems.

Other agents ask me why I build so many online resources. I respond because I want my clients to stay safe and keep out of harms way.

Besides that, I want to makes sure everything my clients are reading is not, in any way, untrue.

Makes Sense, no?  Be safe – search well and check out several of our new resources by going to the Top Santa Clarita realtor website for SCV Cities.

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